Speaker Reception

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Speaker Reception

 Friday at 9pm in the Los Angeles Ballroom


Day Pass required for entry

Wind down on Friday Night with the FREE Speaker Reception in the Los Angeles Ballroom after the Ancient Alien Panel.

COCKTAIL PARTY FOR ATTICA MEDIA AND ITS BUSINESS PARTNERS! | Zepter Hotel We have invited all the Speakers who are at the Hotel on Friday and we expect a filled-up room of Speakers and Guests.

Light snacks and cash bar


Invited Speakers

Paul Hynek * Susan Slaughter *Twin Ray * Sunny Dawn * Jimmy Church * Mathew LaCroix * Kaedrich Olsen * Kimberly Meredith *Antonio Arilo *Sean Stone *Brandy Weld *Karyn Reece *Johny Enoch *Asil Toksal *Mikki Willis * Zoe Dane *Maureen St Germain *Shima Moore *Blu *Neil Gaur * Susan Shumsky * Dannion Brinkley * Joan of Angels * Robert Perala * Emy Shanti * Suzanne Ross * Maureen Allan * Dina Saalisi * Brad Olsen * Gail Thackray * David Wolfe Deborah King *Alexandra *Lori Spagna * Linda Moulton Howe