Adam Apollo 2024 - Conscious Life Expo
Adam Apollo 2024
Keynote Workshop 2024
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Adam Apollo 2024
Planetary Transformation
Friday, February 9th | 4:00pm-5:30pm | Room: La Jolla

StarFleet:  Gamifying Planetary Transformation

Adam will present the technologies, systems and processes we can use to take the next steps towards becoming a sovereign and thriving planetary civilization. Learn how to take back your data, reclaim your networks, and earn money while changing the world, all with a next-gen starship dashboard; this is the "Iron Man" style tech you’ve been waiting for… Discover how we can build the real world StarFleet of Peace together, and train the next generation of Superheroes in service to all life. 

Adam Apollo has offered insights on global transitions, physics, technology, human spirituality and the future as a "Next Generation Leadership" ambassador at the White House, in multiple NEXUS and other summits at the United Nations, and at conferences and festivals around the world. He is a cofounder of the UNIFY movement which reaches over 100M people each month, and two education and technology-based companies: Access Granted and Superluminal Systems. He is an active faculty member, author, and the lead systems architect for several international online academies, including the Resonance Academy for Unified Physics and the Guardian Alliance Academy for self-mastery. He’s been featured on GAIA TV, Coast to Coast AM, and feature films. In 2005, Adam made physical contact with an extraterrestrial Star Nation Ambassador, and began active and ongoing communications with Galactic Ambassadors from a vast array of different species supporting Earth. Currently he’s building a revolutionary 3D starship dashboard to gamify regenerative impact. Adam Apollo is dedicated to achieving a sustainable and thriving interplanetary culture.

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