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David Palmer 2024
Keynote Workshop 2024
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David Palmer 2024
The Future of Astrology
Sunday, February 11th | 8:00pm-9:30pm | Room: Carmel

Planet X and the Future of Astrology

Planets rule the signs in astrology. Planets define the consciousness of our collective. With the way the evolution of consciousness has been going in the 21st century, there is no other place for astrology to expand until the next planet is discovered and describe the unsettling feeling we all have been feeling. Prophecy work is just the tip of the iceberg. The Leo King will take his prophecy research and astrology work and take people so far out of the terrestrial, to understand where we are going is beyond what you hear anywhere else. Are you bored of hearing the same lectures over and over again? This is one that will literally blow your mind!

David Lawrence Palmer, "The Leo King" Celebrity Astrologer, owner of High Vibe TV "Spiritual Network" & TV Studios." Astrology, prophecy, & reputation making the trend of dynamic & cool to all spirituality, is second to none over 15 years!


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