Jerry Sargeant Workshop 2024 - Conscious Life Expo
Jerry Sargeant 2024
Free Workshop 2024
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Jerry Sargeant Workshop 2024
7 Super- Universes
Friday, February 9th | 8:00pm-9:30pm | Room: Laguna

7 Super-Universes

There are 7 Super-Universes. In the void space between these 7 Super-Universes lies Source Energy, the Prime Creator. To access this space, which holds pure potential, you must move through the Divine Spark within. Jerry will take you on a meditation journey, into the void space, to connect and access this potential that will then stream through your body and life and create huge positive transformation. This will be deeply healing, explorative, expansive and totally life changing. When you plug into a frequency of this magnitude, your life will never be the same. Jerry will download certain Star Magic Codes of Consciousness that will revitalise your body and mind and move you into a higher state of love and abundance.

Jerry Sargeant is the founder of Star Magic Healing and a globally recognized healer who has redefined our understanding of what's possible. His groundbreaking approach merges subtle energy, frequency, quantum physics, visualization, and intention to catalyze profound transformation

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