Jerry Sargeant Post Con 2024 - Conscious Life Expo
Jerry Sargeant 2024
Post Conference 2024
Jerry Sargeant Post Con 2024
6th Dimensional Upgrade
Monday, February 12, 2024 -5:00pm-7:30pm Room: Carmel

6th Dimensional Upgrade

On Earth, 6th dimensional grid structures have been constructed and moved into place. They are constantly being refined and re-engineered as humanity moves through this ascension cycle. Being connected to to these grid structures is of the utmost importance. Just like in life, if we don't progress, we slide backwards. If we don't keep moving, elevating, connecting to higher frequency bands and pulling our energetic templates into higher ranges of vibration, we will ultimately slide into a more dense space. This is the way the game is designed.  The 6th Dimensional architecture around the planet is an opportunity to raise our levels of consciousness and move into new octaves of light. During this workshop, Jerry will take you on a journey, where you will receive a series of upgrades and light encoded downloads that will realign your mathematics to receive new frequencies available through the 6D grids.  This will be extremely healing, dissolving deeper programming, radically transformational and enlightening. You will experience meditation, light language, some potent Star Magic Healing frequencies and a level of love that blows your heart wide open

Expect Transformation. 

Jerry Sargeant is the founder of Star Magic Healing and a globally recognized healer who has redefined our understanding of what's possible. His groundbreaking approach merges subtle energy, frequency, quantum physics, visualization, and intention to catalyze profound transformation