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2023 Exhibit Halls 




Meezzanine Level Exhibitors
M8 Douglas Taylor Spiritual Art
M9 Fade to Black Jimmy Church Radio
M10 Gail Thackray Spiritual Journeys, Reiki Classes
M11 David Young Author, Musician, Artist, Producer, Guru
M12 Love Stones / Marma Mat Crystals, Atunements, Ayurvedic Practitioner
M13 Tanya Mikaela Art of the Soul FineArt,Crystal Wands&Talisman
M14 Silver + Citrine: Healing meets Business Consults for coaching and healing sessions
M15 Scott Wolter Scott Wolter host of History's 'America Unearthed'
M16 BioArchitecture: Irena Skoda Design Architects Conscious Design Architecture
M17 Love My Crystalz Crystalline Technology and Name Readings
M18 psychic chakra center Psychic reading chakra balancing
M19 Path and Purpose + Healer's Ranch Astrology, Spiritual Coaching, QHHT, Reiki, Sound
M20 CBD & Mor Moringa Infused Products with CBD
M21 Joy Kingsborough Unleash Your Inner Alchemist
M22 Marcela Tobal Benson Books
M23 Sandra & Daniel Biskind Healing By The Speed Of Though
M24 Revive Blends, LLC Revitalizing the body through electric foods
M25 Light Codes by Laara Info on Light Language, energy healing, books
M31 Lori Spagna Healings/Readings/Channelings for People & Pets
M32 Applied Wisdom Health Institute Empowering Health Through Wisdom & Grace
M33 Elizabeth April Elizabeth April Books, Crystals & Merchandise
M34 Harmonize My Life Music to empower our lives
M35 Crysta Luna Services, Candles, Crystals
M51 Master of Many Moons Healing Sessions and Tarot Readings
M52 Numerologia Numerologia astral
M62 Iwei Egyptian Essential Oils & Gemstone Diffusers
M63 Mandalite Soul Fine Sacred Art
M64 Om Botanicals Microbiome friendly, plant based skin care
M65 Fluvial Constellation Alternative Therapy of Fluvial Constellation
M67 California Witches Healing Energy & Wisdom
M68 California Witches Healing Energy & Wisdom
M69 High Chi Energy Jewelry Be Protected, Connected and Manifest!
M70 Usaato Hawaii Organic clothing
M71 Viviane Chauvet & Peter Benson Arcturian Holographic Healing, Tensor Technology
M72 Hindu & Bhuddist Statues One of a kind hindu & bhuddist deities
M73 Gems and Pearls Gemstones, Crystals, Pearls, Jewelry
M74 Akashic Manifestation LightNet.org /Open Source Tree Of Knowledge
M75 Sedona Quantum Consciousness Med Bed & Tesla Bio Charger