Exhibitor Kit

Welcome to the February 2020 Conscious Life Expo

Thank you for being one of our exhibitors. This kit contains all you might need to know. We hope you'll find the documents and information to have a smooth and effective exhibit experience. And if you still have questions, you know who to call.... ;)

Tee Celise - Exhibit Hall Manager - 310-345-2333

1. Welcome Letter
2. General Information
3. LAX Hilton Room Reservations
PLEASE NOTE: 2020 Room Reservations are now available online. We have plenty of rooms!!! We will NEVER CALL YOU TO MAKE ROOM RESERVATIONS!!! If you are contacted via phone or email, it is NOT us, nor the Hilton Hotel. You can call the Hilton Hotel directly, using our exhibitor code (CLEB) for a discount. Or you can click on the link and you'll be taken directly to our exhibitor reservations page at the Hilton. YOU will call the hotel directly. PLEASE DO NOT BOOK WITH ANYONE WHO CALLS YOU.