september 2021 - Theme Segments - Ancient Secrets Revealed - Speaker Program - Workshops - Conscious Life Expo
  • Samuel Kiwasz 2022

    Free Workshop

    Samuel Kiwasz 2022

    This workshop is my way of sharing the wonderment of creation through the beatific art and homogeneous progression of Sacred Geometry. There is a Circle of Life in the Universe where one dimension of creation leads to the formation of another. This...

  • Phillip Wilson Workshop 2022

    Free Workshop

    Phillip Wilson Workshop 2022

    Far-infrared Light generates a specific frequency of light that resonates with and is absorbed by the water molecules, which gives energy to every cell of the body. This increases body-core temperature, thus mobilizing the lymphatic system, increasing...

  • Ana Netanel Sept. 2021


    Ana Netanel Sept. 2021

    HARVEST FULL MOON SOUND BATH: Recalibrate Your System, Heal Deeply, Manifest, and Energize!     Join us for our Multiple Healer Full Moon Self-Care Sound Bath. Come let go of all that no longer serves you and manifest the best life ever...