september 2021 - Theme Segments - Ancient Secrets Revealed - Speaker Program - Workshops - Conscious Life Expo
  • Samuel Kiwasz 2022

    Samuel Kiwasz 2022

    This workshop is my way of sharing the wonderment of creation through the beatific art and homogeneous progression of Sacred Geometry. There is a Circle of Life in the Universe where one dimension of creation leads to the formation of another. This...

  • Phillip Wilson Workshop 2022

    Phillip Wilson Workshop 2022

    Far-infrared Light generates a specific frequency of light that resonates with and is absorbed by the water molecules, which gives energy to every cell of the body. This increases body-core temperature, thus mobilizing the lymphatic system, increasing...

  • Ana Netanel Sept. 2021

    Ana Netanel Sept. 2021

    HARVEST FULL MOON SOUND BATH: Recalibrate Your System, Heal Deeply, Manifest, and Energize!     Join us for our Multiple Healer Full Moon Self-Care Sound Bath. Come let go of all that no longer serves you and manifest the best life ever...