TwinRay Workshop 2024 - Conscious Life Expo
TwinRay 2024
Free Workshop 2024
A Friday Day Pass is required to attend this free Workshop.
TwinRay Workshop 2024
Bringers of the Golden Age
Friday, February 9th | 6:00pm-7:30pm | Room: La Jolla

Bringers of the Golden Age

Are you here for a big mission? Do you know you are here to bring about a world of peace, sovereignty and love?  The ancestors walked along the gridlines to communicate with other community and tribal members more seamlessly and telepathically. Join TwinRay and learn how to access your powers.

Shekinah Ma & Sanandaji are world renowned Master Healers and miracle workers with a depth of wisdom and aptitude for simplifying the most complex subjects for everyday life. From seekers to seers, TwinRay can take you all the way home to the True Self.


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