Tracee Dunblazier Book Awards 2024


Your Crystal Allies


Your Crystal Allies: The 12 Best Gems and Minerals for Giving Love, Receiving Comfort, and Connecting with the Cosmos

Let the Crystal Frequencies Map it for You… Working with the best gems and minerals create an energetic template for deepening your ability to give and receive love. The perfect pairing of stones can support you in connecting with yourself, others, and the Earth more deeply than ever. In Your Crystal Allies, you'll align your quantum energy field with the optimal crystal vibrations that will illuminate the truths, paths, and actions needed for balance.

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Tracee Dunblazier, GC-C, a Los Angeles-based empath, shaman, and 31-time award-winning author was born multi-spirited, with a innate awareness of the spirit world and deep compassion for all who hurt. Her work has helped thousands to find radical acceptance, empowerment, and joy in their lives, no matter where they begin.