Robert Quicksilver, Executive Producer, began producing the Conscious Life Expo in 2002. Prior to producing the Expo, Quicksilver was founder and director of Star Magic, a national chain of "new age" gift stores. He has been involved in alternative healing and metaphysics since the early 70s, and often exhibited at the old Whole Life Expos.


Michael Satva, Art Director & Co-Producer, is an Entrepreneur and Brand Specialist. Michael is a visionary illustrator, and creator of comic books, video games, fashion, and futuristic concept art. He specializes in combining futuristic ideas with real grass roots, subcultural phenomenon.


Kristine Augustyn, Producer of Global Events, has been interested in the esoteric and metaphysical sciences since she was a child. She is a visual artist, film documentarian, and TV producer.  After attending the Expo for most of the past 20 years, Kristine is very excited to bring her talent and enthusiasm to help take the Expo around the world.


Shima Moore: Expo Co-Founder,Program Director Emeritus and Producer. Beginning in 2002, Shima has brought many esteemed  presenters to the Expo. She was co-founder and  editor-in-chief of Perceptions magazine, a ground-breaking publication that introduced audiences in the 1990s to a broad spectrum of alternative ideas. She is host of PTAs annual online series, Cosmic Revelations: Astrology, You & the Universe, and creatrix of M-STAR, Mt Shasta Tropical Astrology Reflections. At Expo she delivers a Free Workshop on Friday, Produces the Astrology Segments and manages the "Introducers Team".


Serena Wright Taylor, Producer, is an award winning conference producer, Intuitive Vedic Astrologer, UFO Researcher, Creative Artist and Humanitarian. Serena's background is in the spiritual and metaphysical fields as well as the Entertainment Industry. She worked at the BBC in London and also as Personal Assistant to actors and producers in Los Angeles.  Serena began studying the ancient Vedas of India at a young age, living in temples and presenting plays and classical dances depicting the ancient epics.  Being intuitive throughout her life, she began giving readings in her twenties and now has a worldwide clientele for her Intuitive Vedic Astrology readings.


Elizabeth Winter, Assistant Producer, works on various special events both in the United States and internationally.  Her eclectic interests  include working with high profile clientele through a prominent Hollywood public relations firm, formal nutritional training, production coordinating for natural-history television documentaries, and underwater research in coral-reef ecology. Elizabeth finds joy in serving and assisting others along her journey through life. She began working with the Expo beginning in 2005.


Christopher Lee, Technical Director is a community organizer and transformative catalyst based out of Venice, CA. He strives to be an involved listener that makes a positive difference everywhere.



Brandy Weld, Associate Producer has been involved in personal development work for over 26 years and uniquely bridges Science and Quantum Physics with Ancient Wisdom. In her younger years, she lead the beginnings of Cisco System's World Wide Sales Force Training and Development Organization. A Near Death Experience (NDE) brought her a Mission and a Blueprint to stop the kind of  human suffering that gets passed down from generation to generation and to liberate Souls from the blocks and patterns that once limited them.



Shaer Love, Oracle and Sacred heart activator. Helping others solidify unity with their higher self and unconditional love.


Dawna Shuman, Publicity & Marketing Director Dawna has been involved with the Conscious Life Expo since it's inception in 2002.  She owns Lighthouse Public Relations, a boutique PR aagency in Los Angeles specializing in eco sustainable campaigns, and cause-related projects that enhance and impact the quality of life. Her clients include Expos, large conference, Award shows, documentaries launches, and Red & Green Carpet-hosted events benefiting non-profit and environmental agencies. Contact:


Tamika Stevenson, Volunteer Coordinator, has dedicated the last 6 years to all realms of production in various projects and positions.  For the past 5 years, she has managed the Volunteer staff, coordinating more than70 people through the long Expo weekend.


Joan of Angels, AKA Dr Joan Hangarter is a Transformational Coach, Intuitive Guide, Speaker, Author, & Visionary Artist who helps you remember and step into your souls purpose.


Alan Steinfeld - is a writer, public speaker, television talk show host, and event coordinator.  For the past 25 years he has developed a unique brand of consciousness raising activities under the umbrella of New Realities with close to 80,000 subscribers and over 22 million total views.


Jennifer Youngs, Music Director Activist/Musician/Actress/ Jennifer Freedom began producing the Permaculture Program at the Conscious Life Expo for in 2015, putting together panels and workshops that continue to raise awareness and educate people about food and the environment.