Shingo Ryu Workshop 2024 - Conscious Life Expo
Shingo Ryu 2024
Free Workshop 2024
A Sunday Day Pass is required to attend this free Workshop.
Shingo Ryu Workshop 2024
Dragon Ko-Ryu Activation
Sunday, February 11th | 10:00am-11:30am | Room: Plaza

Dragon Ko-Ryu Activation

Dragon Activation is a cross-dragon art that brings down dragons from outer space, developed over many years by Dragon Zen Master SHINGO. This work was presented at the 2020 Conscious Life Expo and made a massive difference in the participants' minds, bodies and spirits that day. Dragon Zen Master SHINGO is one of the few Japanese who can bring down a dragon. On the event day, some participants are brought on stage to receive the Dragon Activation Work. The soul of the person who touches the dragon is activated and reborn as a completely new self. Please come and experience the mysterious Dragon of Japan!

SHINGO RYU, a Dragon Zen master was born in Japan. Having encountered a dragon spirit at the Okunoin Temple in Mount Koya, SHINGO sparked his ability with advice from higher dimensions.