Sandra Biskind Lecture 2 2024 - Conscious Life Expo
Sandra Biskind 2024
Free Lecture 2024
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Sandra Biskind Lecture 2 2024
Live Younger-Stem Cells
Saturday, February 10th | 3:00pm-3:45pm | Room: Century D

Live Younger Pain Free

Pain has long been in many of our lives. Sandra unravels the extraordinary power of Lifewave's cutting-edge technology to stimulate healing, reduce inflammation and end suffering. Sounds too good to be true- right?  This is an opportunity to regain control over your life and embrace a future where pain no longer dictates your daily experiences. Join Sandra as she unlocks the secrets of living pain-free through innovative applications of stem cells and light therapy.

Join Spiritual Mentor and Best Selling Author, Dame Sandra Biskind and experience a transformational shift in how you feel emotionally, physically and mentally. Sandra upgrades your frequency with divine light.