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Samya Ilaria Di Donato 2024
The Ancient Color Code
Friday February 9th | 12:00pm-1:30pm | Room: Marina

The Ancient Color Code-Chromopsychology 

"The Archeometer: The Ancient Code of Colors"


The Archeometer, a term coined by the researcher Saint Yves d’Alveydre, signifies a symbolic key within the system of initiatory correspondences among colors, sacred alphabets, zodiac signs, planets, musical notes, and geometric shapes. At its core, we discover two essential elements: a wheel with two colors (white and black) and four triads of three colors each. Throughout the workshop, I will unveil the various colors associated with these ancient and powerful tools, providing profound insights into the cosmic wheel of life. 

Unveiling the Archeometer: A Cosmic Key.  Join us in this captivating exploration, and let's uncover the mysteries of the universe, one color at a time!

Samya Ilaria Di Donato Mentor of Colors|  Author of 35 Bestselling Books.  Business Coach Founder of “Unisaggezza,” the evolutionary university of ancient knowledge.  Creator of Coloranima and Colorsophia; International speaker specialized in Chromopsychology; university lecturer; recognized as one of the foremost international researchers in the field of colors.