Samantha Skelly 2024 - Conscious Life Expo
Samantha Skelly 2024
Keynote Workshop 2024
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Samantha Skelly 2024
Your Infinite Potential
Saturday, February 10th, 2024 | 10:00am-11:30am | Room: La Jolla

Unlock Your Infinite Potential

Embark on a journey "Unlock Your Infinite Potential Through Breathwork." Discover the extraordinary power of conscious breathwork as the gateway to unlocking your untapped potential.

You will...

Explore the Breath: Delve into the profound connection between your breath and your inner world, understanding how it influences your physical, mental, and emotional states.

Stress Reduction: Learn practical breathwork techniques to alleviate stress and anxiety, bringing balance and harmony into your daily life.

Creativity and Clarity: Unlock your creative potential and enhance mental clarity through conscious breathing practices.

Emotional Liberation: Discover how breathwork can release emotional blockages, allowing you to embrace a more joyful and fullling life.

Self-awareness: Foster a deeper connection with your inner self, cultivating intuition and self-awareness through breathwork.

Samantha Skelly is a highly sought-after international speaker, best-selling Hay House author, host of ‘Can’t Be Contained Podcast’ & Founder & CEO of Pause Breathwork, the world’s leading Breathwork Training Academy.