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2023 Post Conference Schedule

Monday 11am
Sarah Breskman Cosme
Tap into the Quantum Field Using Self Hypnosis
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Jonny Enoch
Extra-Terrestrials and Secret Societies
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Thomas John
Developing Your Intuitive Mind
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Deborah King
Advanced Healing Techniques from Other Realms
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Monday 2pm
Scott & Janet Wolter
Templars in America, Sacred Symbols & Alien Artifacts
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Cayelin Castell
Starwalking the Night Magic
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Allyn Evans / Monroe Institute
Gaining Mastery on the way to Soul Evolution
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Laura Eisenhower
Upgrading our Bodies and Souls
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Monday 5pm
Adam Apollo
The Body Starship -
D'Jedi Training
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Rick Levine
The Astrology of 2023
and Beyond
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Jerry Sargeant
Radical Deep Healing Experience
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Sonya Sophia
Divine Purpose
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Monday 8pm
Linda Moulton Howe
Were Mesopotamian
Gods E.T.s?
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Frank Jacob
The Two Timelines
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Karina Velasco
Breath Flow -
Orgasmic Breathing
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Gail Thackray
Psychic Surgery
Healing Sessions
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