Phillip Wilson 2 2024 - Conscious Life Expo
Phil Wilson 2024
Free Lecture 2024
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Phillip Wilson 2 2024
Pictures of the Mind
Saturday, February 10th | 9:00pm-9:45pm | Room: Century B

Pictures of the Mind

Phillip Wilson’s upcoming book,  Pictures of the Mind: Freeing yourself from beliefs that no longer serve you, promises a totally different perspective on experiencing life that is uplifting, humorous, insightful, and profound. Freedom is our birthright. Purification is key. Momentum is created by Taking advantage of the moment, propelling us into greatness. 

Phillip Wilson had his first out-of-body experience and kundalini-energetic-spinal experience in 1970-1971.  He shares hundreds of spiritual insights on the magic of taking advantage of the moment.