Paneurhythmy 2024 - Conscious Life Expo
Shima Moore 2024
Free Workshop 2024
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Paneurhythmy 2024
Saturday, February 10th | 10:00am-11:30am | Room: Bel Air

Paneurhythmy Sacred Dance

A sacred movement to achieve inner balance and harmony, Paneurhythmy is a conscious exchange with the forces of nature using rhythmic and harmonic movements, corresponding music, concentration, and breath.  First introduced by Bulgarian spiritual master Peter Deunov almost a century ago, it was brought to the West by his disciple Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov. Today Paneurhythmy is danced by thousands of people around the world for both physical fitness and spiritual development. Come participate in Paneurhythmy's debut at Conscious Life Expo 2024 with Mount Shasta facilitator/CLE co-founder, Shima Moore, and teachers / dancers from around the world including David Christopher Lewis, Carmen Froment, and others. NO prior experience is need. All are welcome. Come enjoy!