Matthew James Bailey Book Awards 2024


Inventing World 3.0


Inventing World 3.0

Inventing World 3.0 is a thrilling guide on how human civilization can advance beyond the limitations it faces today. It honors the precious gift of all forms of intelligence and life. It honors cultures, belief systems and values. It presents a compelling opportunity, based on an unshakeable foundation embodied with ethics, to powerfully advance the destiny of our societies and our world. 

Evolutionary Ethics for Artificial Intelligence™ proposes a new philosophy for mankind and Artificial Intelligence, one that honors our past, our present  and allows our humanity to take a quantum leap into the future. It progresses the human experience with machines beyond Asimov's laws.

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Matthew James Bailey stands at the intersection of universal consciousness, innovative technology, and systemic global change. Renowned for pioneering advances in Ethical Artificial Intelligence, the Internet of Things, and Smart Cities, he is a luminary in his field.