Lois Lemurian Post Con 2024 - Conscious Life Expo
Lois Lemurian Post Con 2024
Post Conference 2024
Lois Lemurian Post Conference
Ignite Your Spark & Manifest
Monday, February 12th | 2:00pm-4:30pm | Room: Century D
 Ignite Your Spark  Manifest Your Dreams 
Cosmic Language & Soul Activation 

Get ready to bask in the celestial glow of a Light Activation like you've never experienced before! It's not just an event; it's a luminous journey into your highest potential. Benefits That Will Leave You Radiant: Ignite Your Inner Spark: Feel a surge of energy and motivation like a comet blazing through the night sky. Release Your Brilliance: Shed the weight of negativity and step into the brilliance of your true self. Unlock Cosmic Wisdom: Tap into the universe's secrets, unveiling insights and clarity like a treasure chest bursting with cosmic gems. Transform Your Reality: Witness your life shape-shift as you manifest dreams and desires with newfound confidence. Connect with Your Cosmic Tribe: Join a community of like-minded souls on this intergalactic adventure. Embark on Your Soul's Odyssey: Propel yourself toward self-discovery and spiritual expansion. Your Light Activation is the key to unlocking the juiciest, most radiant version of you! Are you ready to embrace the cosmos within and around you?
Hannah Lois's journey started and was guided to find people to help her poor father with his cancer ( god rest his soul) as she learnt even more she was given her light language sound healing and told to sing to her dad to help him with his brain tumour little did she know this was going to be something she would start offering world wide as a service as a healing modality. And now travels the world offering her teachings and healings.