Lisa Rhyne 2024 - Conscious Life Expo
Lisa Rhyne 2024
Free Lecture 2024
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Lisa Rhyne 2024
The Metaphysical Closet
Sunday February 11th | 7:00pm-7:45pm | Room: Century C

Coming Out of the Metaphysical Closet

Now’s the time for everyone to come out of the Metaphysical Closet, proclaim their power, and live in the Light. Our world is swiftly changing in unprecedented, profound ways and needs you. Join the millions already on this journey to truly know—not wish, hope, believe, or think—it’s possible to walk between worlds, embracing both the extraordinary and “normal.” Explore “reality” from new angles during this inspirational consciousness- reawakening gathering for both the supramental and psi-curious.

Lisa Rhyne, founder of The Dream Masters and META-CON, is a metaphysical leader, consultant, healer, shaman, author, and producer. Her well-documented abilities empower her to walk between worlds serving humanity.