Kat James 2024 - Conscious Life Expo
Kat James 2024
Free Lecture 2024
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Kat James 2024
Harnessing Leptin's Power
Saturday February 10th | 5:00pm-5:45pm | Room: Century C

Harnessing Leptin's Power to Transform Your Health, Body, Brain, and Life

Discover the most powerful, yet misunderstood "bio-hack," with unrivaled, proven power to transform every aspect of your health. Join Kat James as she shares her personal journey and discovery that saved her life, then transformed her (and eventually, countless others) beyond recognition, long before science gave the mechanism she harnessed a name. Though the term, leptin, is Greek for “slim,” this central, orchestrating hormone that’s already in your body (but not active) has been shown to regulate all body systems.   Whether aging in reverse, weight loss, bone or oral health, athletic performance, pain, recovery, immunity (or autoimmune disease), or unprecedented comfort in your own skin—and in your mental clarity and outlook—is the goal, you won't want to miss this life-changing event. Learn more at www.TotalTransformation.com.

Kat James is an award-winning nutrition and self-transformation author, researcher, and practical leptin pioneer who’s been called “a master of self-transformation” by SELF, and the "Jane Goodall of leptin” after she overcame autoimmune, liver, and eating disorders that nearly took her life, then taught countess others her original protocol, by living along with more than 125 groups, with consistent, doctor-verified success with health issues often believed to be incurable.  James' pioneering dietary method is now recommended by top neurologic, fertility, functional medicine, stem cell, metabolic, and dental clinics around the world. She's been featured at top spas and institutions such as Omega Institute and Canyon Ranch, as well as on PBS, Today, Fox, Hallmark Channel, TBS, Good Day New York, and SELF, in Life Extension, Glamour, and Marie Claire, among others. Learn more at www.TotalTransformation.com.