Joan of Angels 2024 - Conscious Life Expo
Joan of Angels 2024
Free Lecture 2024
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Joan of Angels 2024
Unlock Your True Soul's Purpose
Saturday, February 10th | 5:00pm-5:45pm | Room: Century A


Unlock Your True Soul’s Purpose 

Join us for an enlightening and empowering talk titled "Unlock Your True Soul's Purpose: A Journey to Self-Discovery and Activation" with the renowned speaker, Joan of Angels. In this transformative session, Joan will guide you on a profound exploration of your true soul's purpose and the unique mission that only you can fulfill. Delve into the keys and clues that have been waiting for you, and step into your power to call forth your destiny. Joan of Angels will lead you on a journey to uncover the depths of who you are and why you are here, unlocking the mysteries that hold the map to your soul mission. These are the times for which you were meant; we will activate your inner strength needed to embrace and fulfill your destiny. Don't miss this opportunity to align with your true purpose and embark on a path of self-discovery and empowerment. Joan of Angels brings a wealth of experience and insight, making her the perfect guide on your journey to awakening.

Dr. Joan of Angels, the Oracle of Ancient Wisdom and Angel of Light, is a Spiritual Advisor, Reader, and Cosmic Light Activator. With a background as a Doctor of Chiropractic and an MS in Counseling, she skillfully combines her expertise to guide you on a transformative journey of self-discovery, unlocking your highest potential, and embracing sovereignty. Renowned for her visionary art and soul essence portraits, Joan channels Earth Messenger Angelic Beings, offering Cosmic Soul Essence Portraits under the name Joan of Angels. These portraits serve as captivating glimpses of your higher self on other realms, reminding you of your true essence and keeping your vibrational frequency activated. As a Cosmic Spiritual Leader, Joan connects individuals to their guides for direct guidance and support, making her a trusted beacon on your path to true mastery and inner freedom. Book a private session or find your cosmic art here: