His Holiness Vasanth Vijayji Maharaj 2024 - Conscious Life Expo
His Holiness 2024
Free Workshop 2024
A Sunday Day Pass is required to attend this free Workshop.
His Holiness Vasanth Vijayji Maharaj 2024
Better Frequency = Better Life
Sunday, February 10th | 2:00pm-3:30pm | Room: Plaza Room

Better Frequency + Better Vibrations + Better Energy = Better Life

A human body has a special vibration by its soul energy, by heart beating and it has also a special frequency which connects us towards the whole universal beings and also the living body has special energy, which attracts the things what we want. Vasanth Vijayji Maharaj will describe how we will create a better frequency, better vibration and better energy by our thoughts and actions so we can create a better life. This session will teach you the secrets which you have never known about breathing your thoughts and your deeds that has the power to even change your whole life. This session is such a session that has the capability to change your whole life. Come along and experience the wave of positive Auras and powerful vibrations through participating in the Wellness Workshops of His Holiness.

His Holiness Vasanth Vijayji Maharaj is from India. A World Renowned Religious Leader constructed a huge temple in India and achieved 9 Guinness World Records and 600 other World Records for his commendable Humanitarian Services. Nominated for World's Highest Honor, Nobel Peace Prize, His Holiness holds a Diplomatic Passport for International Parliament for Safety and Peace.  He has been under continuous deep meditation for the past 20 years in the icy mountains of Himalayas, Varanasi and in many powerful places. His Holiness is such an enlightened soul whoever comes near him has no need of any therapy or healing, they get automatically healed and their energy levels are enhanced and this is proved by the aura photography experimentation at many places .

His Holiness has millions of followers through-out India. Millions are transformed by His Holiness world wide .

The World is Immensely Blessed by His Presence .