Helaine Harris Workshop 2024 - Conscious Life Expo
Helaine Harris Workshop 2024
Free Workshop 2024
A Sunday Day Pass is required to attend this free Workshop.
Helaine Harris Workshop 2024
Guides Increase your Business
Sunday, February 11th | 6:00pm-7:30pm | Room: Laguna

How Guides Increase Your Business 

Tapping into your DIVINE TEAM of Guides and Angels for direction in your business gives you True Choices that can create miracles in your business. The more you ask, the more you receive! We access the higher realms so it’s easier to get clear directions that serve you. There are several ways to access guides. It is wise to learn what works best for you. You gain the ability to access guidance and information on how to handle situations so the results are more advantageous for you. Think of them as your Advisory Board. We will journey to meet one of your guides so you have the experience of communing with them about what is needed to INCREASE YOUR BUSINESS.

Helaine Z. Harris, LMFT, is a multisensory intuitive business coach, psychotherapist and shamanic healer for 35+ years who is passionate about assisting clients called to BE and DO MORE. She trains folks to access Soul Power to fuel their mission from their Heart. She assists clients to RAPIDLY breakthrough blocks to their goals.