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Halo Marques 2024
The Perfect Conductor
Saturday February 10th | 4:00pm-4:45pm | Room: Century D

The Perfect Conductor

Discover the incredible world of Resonance Technology, the Schumann Resonance, and the profound impact of frequencies on the human body. Explore how our bodies serve as perfect conductors, absorbing and utilizing these energies for health and well-being. Join Halo Marques for a captivating lecture that unveils the potential of frequency-based therapies and the future of healing with Mystechs one of a kind Biohacking Technology. Healing. Enhancing. You have the Power, let us flip the switch.

Meet Halo Marques, a 15-year Resonance Tech expert exploring physics, energy, and more globally. As a husband and father, he's dedicated to teaching, fostering a compassionate, Earth-honoring future.