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Gemini Brett Post Con 2024
Realign with Celestial Time
Monday, February 12, 2024 -8:00pm-10:30pm Room: Century B
Realign with Celestial Time 
The clock and calendar constructs we've been force-fed since birth might get us to work on time, but they take us away from the natural workings of shadow and light. This Earthstrology workshop is designed to expand your embodied experience as a human being in the face of exponentially emerging AI by realigning you with the cycles of terrestrial-celestial time. Gemini Brett will teach you practical techniques for participating with each rotation, revolution, and lunation that will serve as keys for your body*mind to unlock the mysteries of astrological aspects, houses, and signs. Along the way, you'll learn why Christ died on the Cross at 33 and how that re-birth of yours is linked with 32 by Earth, Sun, and Moon. You'll also see the light behind the Tarot's 18-19 code to synchronize the polyrhythms of silver and gold. We'll begin our night outside with Diana's bow, the young moon in the western sky who will guide us through reflections upon the hidden light of the heavenly course. All aboard for a most magical mystery tour!

Gemini Brett is a world-renowned astrologer, shamanic starry*teller, compassionate counselor, and inspiring educator. His terrestrial translations of the celestial conversation expressed through the ancient sacred sciences will help you realign with the magic of the living sky.