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for the February 2023 Conscious Life Expo

February 10-12, 2023 at the LAX Hilton

Conscious Life Expo is the largest alternative health exposition and conference in the world, serving thousands of attendees and hundreds of exhibitors and speakers in a four-day marathon in transformational consciousness.


We have updated the Exhibit Floorplans, simplified the Booth layout and Pricing structure, and automated the Exhibit Registration and Lecture assignment process. And we have expanded our exhibitor team to provide extra levels of customer service.

Exhibit Floorplans and Prices        There are 250 Exhibit spaces available  go to floorplans

Lectures Progam Times                   There are 96 lecture times available (go to Lecture grid

Free 90 minute Workshops             There are 26 Free workshop times available go toworkshop grid

Advertising Opportunities               There are 14 ways to advertise your product go to advertising specifications


Exhibitor Contract




Contact us at 1 800 367 5777 with any questions, to go over the floorplans or to discuss your marketing opportunities at the 2023 Conscious Life Expo.

Thank you and see you there!

Tres Satva

Sales Manager

NOTE: Please contact me directly at 714 986 0812 if you have exhibited with us before.