Dr. Robert Young 2024 - Conscious Life Expo
Dr. Robert Young 2024
Keynote Workshop 2024
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Dr. Robert Young 2024
Liberty vs. Tyranny
Sunday, February 11th | 4:00pm-5:30pm | Room: Rabbit Hole

Liberty vs. Tyranny.  

Dr. Robert Young will dive into the important content of his three-book series "Truth vs. Deception - Liberty vs. Tyranny." Just as "the truth will set us free," deception and falsehoods will enslave us. If we wish to remain free, we must learn the truth about what is going on around us. We are responsible for what we accept as truth, and we cannot outsource this responsibility to the media, academia, government, business, science, medicine, public health, Hollywood, professional sports, or even the church. We are responsible to learn the truth for both ourselves and our children.  Why would we want to leave this to - or trust - anyone else? As Moses said unto Joshua: "I wish that all the LORD’s people were prophets and that the LORD would put his Spirit on them!”

Over the past two and a half decades, Robert O. Young has been recognized as one of the top research and clinical scientists in the World. Throughout his career, his research has been focused at the cellular level. Having a specialty in cellular nutrition, biochemistry and microbiology, Dr. Young has devoted his life to researching the true causes of "disease," subsequently developing "The New Biology™" to help people balance their life. In 1994, Dr. Young discovered the biological transformation of red blood cells into bacteria and bacteria to red blood cells. He has since documented several such transformations. Dr. Young's research has been published in several noted journals. He is the author of over 100 published peer-reviewed articles and author and co-author of many books. The pH Miracle series of books have sold over 10 million copies and are gaining a widespread following in over 159 countries. Dr Young has been the keynote speaker at medical and health gatherings all over the world and appeared as a guest on many national radio, television shows, and documentaries. www.drrobertyoung.com/meet-dr-young