Deborah King Post Con 2024 - Conscious Life Expo
Deborah King 2024
Post Conference 2024
Deborah King Post Con 2024
Advanced Healing Techniques
Monday, February 12, 2024 -11:00am-1:30pm Room: Carmel

Advanced Healing Techniques from Other Realms

Join Master Healer Deborah King and her team of expert teachers and unlock the door to the mysterious world of energy healing! There is an ever-growing need for gifted individuals, like you, to guide others. All you need is the training, and this live workshop is the place to get it! Come participate in the healings as they awaken the healing power within you; open and develop the extrasensory gifts you already have deeply buried in your cellular memory. Learn, soak up the energy, and connect with like-minded friends; gather transformative knowledge, connect with community, and uncover your most powerful, transcendent self in a potent spiritual vortex.

Want to step up spiritually? 

Initiations are common in Deborah’s workshops!

Meet spiritual teacher, energy healer, and New York Times bestselling author, Deborah King. After a cancer diagnosis in her 20’s that she turned around with energy healing, Deborah left the legal field and traveled the globe, meeting with seers, shamans, and healers, ultimately mastering a healing technique of her own. With a dedicated Facebook following of over 550,000 and a live band, Deborah’s work has been called “electrifying” by W Magazine.