Daniel Sheehan 2024 - Conscious Life Expo
Daniel Sheehan 2024
Keynote Workshop 2024
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Daniel Sheehan 2024
UFO Disclosure Update
Saturday, February 10th | 2:00pm-3:30pm | Room: Carmel

UFO Disclosure Update:

On the US Government Controlled Disclosure Program ordered by Congress

Daniel will describe, in detail, the daily work that the New Paradigm Institute in Washington, D.C. is engaged in, to compel our U.S. Government Agencies and all U.S. Government Military Contractors to "publicly disclose" any and all information that each has ever possessed pertaining to The UFO Phenomenon and Extraterrestrial Life, which has now been commanded by Congress. Following up on David Grusch’s live testimony before the U.S. House Oversight Committee's Subcommittee on National Security in which David stated that our U.S. Government is in possession of an "intact extraterrestrial Non-Human spacecraft....and direct biological evidence of a Non-Human Intelligence" in connection with such craft.

Daniel P. Sheehan is a Harvard Law School trained Constitutional and public interest lawyer, public speaker, political activist and university educator. He has a long-distinguished history as public interest council in many high-profile cases. He shares the responsibility for formulation of a New World View that representatives of one or more extraterrestrial civilizations are presently visiting our planet and interacting with members of our species.