Xane Daniel

Xane Daniel
Free Lecture
A Friday Day Pass is required to attend this free lecture
Hathor Soul Essence Group Activation

Friday, February 7th -- 3pm - 3:45pm -- Room: Century C


Attendees will receive a powerful Soul Essence Activation from Xane Daniel and the Hathors. You will break through blockages, raise your vibration, awaken your soul’s essence, reignite the divine feminine frequency, and gain the tools to transition to the next dimensional reality. Recipients will definitely feel this powerful activation.

Xane Daniel is an intuitively-guided Lightworker, accomplished publisher and captivating speaker. His comic book series, RIGHTEOUS, and his unique modality, Soul Essence Activation, are both powerful catalysts for enlightenment for readers and clients alike.  Visit Xane Daniel in booth #P4 in the Plaza Ballroom.