Vitaly Safarov

Vitaly Safarov
Free Workshop
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Hebrew Mystic & The Language of Light

Sunday, February 9th -- 6:00pm - 7:30pm -- Room: Marina

Hebrew Mystic & The Language of Light, A Message from Above, Beyond & Within

This presentation is a Visually Stunning & Emotionally Empowering

Journey to the Ancient Future of the Now.

In 2005, Vitaly was competing at the Irish dance championship in Blackpool, UK. During the afternoon rest, the day before the competition, Vitaly came face to face with a beam of Light, engraving a series of 3D energy symbols into his arms and legs.

Following this experience, in synchronized events, Vitaly went to Israel where he was guided to activate a portal, which in turn re-activated his abilities to write in language that cannot be translated in the linear fashion. For the following 2 years, he continued writing and has accumulated over 800 pages of script that holds vital information for those he meet.

Vitaly will share his life long experience with non-human intelligence, which brought him to the Language of Light.

Closing part of the presentation is greatly inspired by Lee Carrol's book - The Twelve Layers of DNA -

Vitaly Safarov was born in Tbilisi, Republic of Georgia. At the age of six, he moved to the Republic of Kazakhstan where he grew up. In between there and now he lived and worked in Israel and London, acquiring knowledge in the field of communication, banking, travel & tourism, live events, audio-video rights management and digital assets revenue optimization within YouTube’s ecosystem.