Violet Mileva 2023 - Conscious Life Expo
Violet Mileva 2023
Free Lecture 2023
A Saturday Day Pass is required to attend this Free Lecture
Violet Mileva 2023
Cultivate Self Love
Saturday February 11th | 10:00am-10:45am | Room: Century C

We will be increasing self love, abundance, and longevity habits. Overcoming skin challenges, self-image, and boosting confidence with Champïone's creative practices™ used by people from all around the world. Regardless of your background and self limiting beliefs. From working with terminally-ill kids in the beauty parlor, to helping thousands of men and women discover their greatest power. Now it's time to reach your greatest potential!

Violet Mileva is the founder of Champione by Mileva, cosmetic chemist, and a beauty professional by trade & passion with a Masters in Human Science.