Tracey Ash Post Conference

Tracey Ash Post Conference
Post Conference
Spiritual Warfare Training

Monday, February 10th – 2:00pm - 4:30pm – Century C

A revolutionary meta-physics training in spiritual warfare. As False Matrix hijacks quality of existence sacred consciousness technologies are essential. This requires unique individual initiation, ascension activations and access to new reality gateways. Tracey Ash is an ascension pioneer, meta-physics activists and experiencer.
You will be evaluated in terms of the start-point of your training.
You will be immersed in ascension frequencies conducive with accelerated evolution, sacred mission and sovereign reality.

FIRST PHASE: These 5D immersion experiences will repair, recalibrate and empower. This consciousness and energy systems reset is critical in PROTECTION AGAINST MANIPULATION, 5G, TOXINS, FALSE MATRIX HIJACKS.
SECOND PHASE: You will learn how to clear low density distortions and programs.
THIRD PHASE: You will activate PINEAL and finally GO LIVE IN META-PHYSICS & DIMENSIONAL COMMUNICATION with ET RACES/STAR BEINGS/ANCIENT ALIENS who communicate powerful messages from the future. This level of training SECURES OUR SURVIVAL. This will be an advanced reality initiation and experience. This is next level meta-physics and ascension.

This will be a powerful direct-transmissions and dimensional teachings experience. Prepare foe spontaneous, healing and awakening, initiation and training. Tracey is in direct-communication with highest dimensional guides.
These are ET races that have always been the guardians of humanity, earth and evolution. Time-travellers who are available only to those who are evolution-dedicated . Time, date, location coincides with extraordinary prophesies. Tracey is committed to an intense schedule of service of filming and working at earth-chakras, monuments, crop-circles and gateways. This is real-deal ancient and sacred meta-physics.

Co-Founder of Ancient Intelligence Mystery School. A spiritual, ascension and revolution activist working in highest caliber meta-physics. Ancient sites go live. Contact is commonplace. Appearances include Quantum Conversations, Fade2Black, Cosmic Switch Board. Her work has taken her to The United Nations. She is Co-founder of Avatars of The Earth Gathering. An expert on Ancient Egypt visiting over seventy times.