Tracee Dunblazier Book Awards 2023


Transformative Grief


Transformative Grief: An Ancient Ritual of Healing for Modern Times

From early childhood we are taught by society to set aside our real feelings, large and small, for the illusion of peace or comfort. The result can be feelings of shame and guilt about our emotions, and it can lead to the belief that they are somehow unnatural. Transformative Grief is the glue that will connect our heart, brain, and consciousness. It is the element in life that will help reveal our spiritual purpose and truth, and gives us access to our highest possibilities. Through this book you will learn how to become mindful of the small everyday grief expressions you have been conditioned to ignore, discover gentle ways to honor the multiple dimensions of your emotionalism, and cultivate daily rituals to support the experience. Embrace your responses to loss and gain the deeper spiritual messages profound change can reveal to create magic in your life by transforming the grief process.

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Tracee Dunblazier, GC-C, a Los Angeles-based empath, shaman, and 22-time award-winning author, has spent decades living an alchemical life using Transformative Grief as a guide. She was born multi-spirited, with a profound innate awareness of the spirit world and deep compassion for all who hurt. Tracee’s down-to-Earth style embraces the humor of reality and has helped thousands to find radical acceptance, empowerment, and joy in their lives, no matter where they begin. Her national and international award-winning GoTracee Publishing creates spiritual tools that have become game-changers for those who suffer. Tracee is a charismatic keynote speaker and enjoys podcasting from her CHAT-Cast platform and currently serves as president of the Coalition of Visionary Resources, the trade organization for the Mind, Body, Spirit industry.