• Ticket2020

    Opening Ceremony

    Be immersed in the vibrational experience of crystalline soundscapes. Feel the frequency of crystal singing bowls, crystal tuning forks, crystal didgeridoo, sound pyramids, vocal tones, Native...

  • Ticket2020

    Speaker Reception

    Mingle with other Expo attendees, staff, and many of our over 200 Speakers. This year we are in the big room (La Jolla Ballroom), have lowered the ticket price, and have included Expo's Got Talent in...

    $45.00 In Advance $55.00 At the Door
  • Ticket2020

    Expressive Arts

     Expressive Arts Schedule $50 per session  ~  2 Classes get 10% discount  ~  3 or more Classes get 20% discount The above discounts will be applied in the shopping...