Tammy Lynn Calderon 2022 - Conscious Life Expo
Tammy Lynn Calderon 2022
Free Lecture 2023
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TLC Calderon
The Secret Powers of Color
Saturday, February 5th | 3:00pm-3:45pm | Room: Century D
Free Color & Balance Testing with Color Expert, TLC. Have a fun hands on experience exploring the direct effects of quantum energy through color in a balance test with TLC. Witness for yourself the ease & speed to which color quantum leaps us forward toward greater well being and balance. You will leave your personal session with TLC amazed.
Tammy Lynn Calderon is profoundly connected to color energy. An unsuspecting and unintended evolutionary advancement happened to her 14 years ago that connected her to a Universal Flow of Energy, she calls Source - where the secrets of color were revealed. Her life's passion is dedicated to secrets in color.