Sylvie Sterling Book Awards 2023


Your Cat is Your Guide


Your Cat is Your Guide

How Your Cat Helps You with your Spiritual Awakening

In 1000s of conversations with cats, Sylvie Sterling gathered groundbreaking information that will help you understand the soul connection between you and your feline, and how s/he can help you find your soul purr-pose. This first self-help book commissioned by cats for their humans will shift your perspective on your cat's role in your life. So you can stop struggling and start enjoying your spiritual awakening - with your cat as your travel guide.

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Sylvie Sterling is an international cat whisperer, starseed, intuitive healer and awakening coach. As the author of "Your Cat is Your Guide", she empowers cat lovers around the world to live an awakened, happy and purr-poseful life together with their cat companions.