Swaha Ron and DragonMa Holman

Swaha Ron and DragonMa Holman
Free Lecture
A Saturday Day Pass is required to attend this free lecture
From the Old World to Anu Healing

Saturday, February 8th -- 6pm - 6:45pm -- Room: Century A


Raising the frequency of the planet and human consciousness through powerful tools from pure source energy. Those tools include: Ormus, Siddha Medicine, Plasma, Spirit Totem Essences, healing tools to remove physical, emotional and energetic blocks from this and past lives. A 40 year journey of energetic, alchemy, and healing experience in today's lecture.

Dr. Ron builds bridges between spirit and the traditional health care communities and DragonMa is an intuitive Master Healer specializing in removing limitations. Joined together they raise the frequency of human consciousness by creating ancient magic for modern times.  Visit Swaha Ron and DragonMa Holman in the Share International in booth #103 in the International Ballroom.