Suzanne Ross 2023 - Conscious Life Expo
Suzanne Ross
Free Lecture 2023
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Suzanne Ross 2023
Friday February 10th | 3:00pm-3:45pm | Room: Century D

Virtuality:  Mastering the Game of Life

Are you showing up as your highest and best self every day in all you do? Are you tapping into your limitless gifts as a multidimensional being by tuning into your whole soul? 

Get ready to activate dormant DNA and bring more of your brain online as you soul-merge with your multidimensional aspects and access the OmniBrain of your OverSoul! Time travel in your MerKaBa light-body vehicle traversing cosmic consciousness. Connect into the heart of the Divine Source and plug into the Divine Mind. Embrace the true Virtuality of your holographic experience in a holographic world created by the Divine Source as a way for your soul to know thyself and experience love in this vibrant dream called Space-Time! 


Suzanne Ross supports the awakening and ascension of humanity through her books, sessions, personal retreats, large events and TV and radio shows. She is the founder of SciSpi.TV a conscious media network and CEO of Transcendence Events, sponsored by her 501c3 nonprofit, Awakening. She is the author of the Up! Trilogy and host of Transcend the Matrix. She speaks at events nationwide and has been featured on countless TV and radio shows including Coast to Coast and Gaia TV.