Suzanne Ross 2022b - Conscious Life Expo
Suzanne Ross 2022b
Free Lecture
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Suzanne Ross

Sunday, February 6th | 11:00am-11:45am | Room: Century D
After a missing time experience in 1950, Suzanne's father became a genius in technology. After Suzanne's walk-in soul merge in 1995 and missing time experience in 2017, she became super-psychic. Suzanne explores the possibility that many abductees and walk-ins are merged with more advanced aspects of themselves in higher dimensions resulting in evolutionary leaps in conscious awareness.
Suzanne Ross has dedicated her life to the awakening and ascension of humanity through her books, services, T.V. network and the many events she hosts. She is the author of the Up! Trilogy, Wake Up!, Rise Up! and Lighten Up!, the executive producer of SciSpi.TV and a speaker at events nationwide.