Susanne Wilson

Susanne Wilson
Free Workshop
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Non-Human Intelligent Beings: Contact is Changing

Saturday, February 8th - 10am - 11:30am - Room: Newport B

Where did your spirit guides and angels come from and what are their intentions? Susanne Wilson holds nothing back as she draws upon two centuries of research data and her own recent experiences. Susanne will explain how non-human beneficial beings interact with humans, new trends in contacts with interdimensionals, and the potential for positive, transformational impacts on humankind.

Susanne Wilson, The Carefree Medium, is a scientifically authenticated master medium and an empowering keynote presenter at international conferences. Susanne appears on Amazon Prime Video, Fox News National, Coast to Coast A.M., CBS Radio, and Gaia TV. She is the author of the books, "The Spirit Guides Book" and "Soul Smart: What The Dead Teach Us About Spirit Communication."