Susan Whittaker

Susan Whittaker
Free Lecture
A Sunday Day Pass is required to attend this free lecture
EFM Protection and Neurological Disorders

Sunday, February 9th - 12pm - 12:45pm – Room: Century C


Come learn about the deep connections between ElectroSmog, Heavy Metals and the exponential increase in Neurological Disorders in children and adults with an 833% increase for newborns. Learn how to start protecting yourself and limiting the number of years you may live with physical, cognitive, and psychosocial disabilities. The presenter will discuss advancements in mainstream medicine and an affordable alternative.

Susan Whittaker is a gifted dowser, author, trainer and international speaker who receives higher guidance daily on healing protocols. She travels nationwide to meet with doctors and the general public to share information and make her services and products available through Wellsong Energetics.  The science behind her work is fascinating.  Visit Susan Whittaker in booth #403 in the International Ballroom.