Sudhir Shah 2023 - Conscious Life Expo
Sudhir Shah 2023
Free Lecture 2023
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Sudhir Shah 2023
Consciousness & Science
Friday, February 10th | 2:00pm-2:45pm | Room: Century C

Consciousness and Science

In this presentation, we will explore the eternal mystery of consciousness and soul with reference to various scientic disciplines like molecular biology, chemistry, neurobiology, quantum physics and Articial Intelligence. We will explore what is the biological bases of consciousness, how does consciousness get into the world and more.  Purpose of this presentation is to challenge and shake-up our intuition about consciousness as well as explore the subject by questioning, observing and wondering and not concluding.

A scientist, philosopher, educator & social entrepreneur, Sudhir Shah holds an MS in molecular biology and MPPM from Yale university. He has combined various modalities for his wellness venture OM Botanical.