Steven Halpern

Steven Halpern
Free Workshop
This workshop requires a Day Pass.
Entrain Your Brain, Tuning Bio-Field

Friday, February 7th – 8:00pm - 9:30pm – Newport B

Experience the latest breakthroughs in sound healing and vibrational medicine.  Join master musician/researcher/author Steven Halpern in an informative, entertaining and life-enhancing program with audio samples that support the innate intelligence of your cells and DNA for optimal well-being, mindfulness and inner peace.    Examples of ancient acoustic archaeology (hear the ‘sound’ of the huge Bosnian pyramid), brainwave entrainment, subliminal affirmations will be highlighted. You’ll learn how to tune your chakras with CHAKRA SUITE meditation, access healing brainwave states with brainwave entrainment meditation music (DEEP THETA) and create sacred space with hi-psi sound for a natural high.

Steven Halpern is a Grammy® nominated, multi-platinum recording artist, composer, researcher, author and pioneering sound healer whose music helps us connect with the angels and Higher Intelligence.  His DEEP ALPHA was a 2012  Grammy nominee. ”SOUND HEALTH” (1985) and biofeedback research predated NIH study by decades.