Speaker Program

  • Linda Moulton Howe


    Linda Moulton Howe

    Since her first broadcast in January 2019 of her video of Navy Seal and Marine whistleblowers, Spartan 1 and 2, Linda has received other confirming whistleblower information about huge, mysterious architecture two to three miles deep under the ice of...

  • Jimmy Church

    Panel Moderator

    Jimmy Church

    Ancient Secrets Panel TV stars and experts from ‘Ancient Aliens’, ‘America Unearthed’, and Ancient Civilization researchers team up to share and discuss their astounding discoveries. They all agree that History, as we have...

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  • Paola Harris


    Paola Harris

    Investigative Journalist Paola will share her research about the more intriguing and mysterious type of reported UFO cases including the ones who appear as a human-like species, dating back to the 1950's and 60's. This includes various...

  • Linda Moulton Howe Post Conference

    Post Conference

    Linda Moulton Howe Post Conference

    In April and May of 1996, radio host Art Bell, asked Linda — his investigative reporter on Dreamland and Coast to Coast AM radio — to investigate two different shipments of strange metal pieces sent to him along with five typed letters...