Speaker Program

  • Workshop

    Dannion Brinkley

    As you are planning this very important journey to the Expo in February 2020, don't miss Dannion! On October 14th, 2018 Dannion had his second open-heart surgery, his fourth near death experience and 2 clinical resuscitations, and successfully...

    $35.00 In Advance $40.00 At the Door
  • Panel Moderator

    Lisa Garr

     Optimal Health Panel                               Science of Consciousness Panel

  • Free Workshop

    Cathy Gabrielsen

    4:00pm - 4:45pm Join Cathy as she shares her story of recovery from not one but two catastrophic near death experiences AND cancer. Are you or someone you love, like Cathy —  wounded emotionally, physically, mentally, or spiritually? Discover...

  • Post Conference

    Connie Marlow & Andrew Bailey

    Do you find yourself falling into relationship patterns that you wish you could change?Do you wonder what it is about you that would cause people to treat you a certain way?Would you like to take your understanding of relationships to another level and...

    $70.00 In Advance $90.00 At the Door
  • Post Conference

    Dr. Linda Backman Post Conference

    How does your soul origin show up in your life today? How is past life karma revealed in your relationships, emotions and your body? Your soul has an overriding purpose and a plan for the life you’re living now. Through soul evolution, lifetime to...

    $70.00 In Advance $90.00 At the Door