Speaker Program

  • Keynote Special Event

    Russell Brand Keynote

    A funny and profane exploration into personal development and wellness from a comedian who has dedicated himself to spirituality to avoid self-destruction. This 90-minute experience will introduce you to the system that saved his...

  • Keynote Workshop

    Deborah King

    Join legendary teacher, master healer, and NYT bestselling, Deborah King, for an experiential journey into the cosmos to discover your true origins. Other suns and planets in our own Milky Way galaxy, or in galaxies far far away, may have been your...

  • Workshop

    Julia Cannon

        We are all able to heal ourselves. We just need to understand the messages. Our bodies were made to never be sick or have aches and pains and to live for hundreds of years. So why do we have ailments and dis-eases? Accidents? Could it be...

  • Free Workshop

    Dr Kelly Neff

    Anyone who has ever been in love knows that it is a complex, beautiful and sometimes, painful experience. In this workshop, Sex Positive psychologist Dr. Kelly will help you learn how to identify and release the toxic and traumatic learned behavior...

  • Free Workshop

    Dr. Ravi Ratan

      There is a hidden numerological pattern that serves as key for unlocking secrets of the Psyche. Each number is associated with particular planet that influences our life and Chakras. People having Birth or life number -1, are ruled by planet SUN,...

  • Free Workshop

    Jerry Sargeant Workshop

    Many of us carry deep wounds from childhood, our teenage years and adult hood, but when you delve deeper you will find the real trauma lies in other quantum spaces, referred to as past lives or parallel realities. These deep wounds create chaos in our...

  • Free Workshop

    Cathy Gabrielsen

    4:00pm - 4:45pm Join Cathy as she shares her story of recovery from not one but two catastrophic near death experiences AND cancer. Are you or someone you love, like Cathy —  wounded emotionally, physically, mentally, or spiritually? Discover...

  • Post Conference Intensive

    Deborah King Post Conference

    Join Deborah King, New York Times bestselling author, spiritual teacher, and master of the world’s greatest healing traditions, to expand and strengthen your innate energy healing abilities. Practice using a pendulum to check chakras, engage in...

  • Post Conference

    Dr. Linda Backman Post Conference

    How does your soul origin show up in your life today? How is past life karma revealed in your relationships, emotions and your body? Your soul has an overriding purpose and a plan for the life you’re living now. Through soul evolution, lifetime to...

  • Free Lecture

    Christy Droog

    Following the traumatic loss of a young child and caregiving to a dying parent, Christy learned how to go from barely surviving to thriving. Join her for a light- lled journey from grief to joy, and be ready to both laugh and cry as you are healed by...