Speak - 2021



for 2021


              These are five to thirty minute presentations, which are FREE to view by everyone visiting our website. These are Video on Demand (VOD) Lectures running concurrently throughout the Friday, Saturday and Sunday schedule. 

            All Lectures are reserved for Booth Exhibitors and/or Advertisers to present their vision and knowledge in which their specific area of interest or product exists. It is specifically NOT a selling opportunity but rather a sharing of significant information related to their specific area of expertise. You are, of course, welcome to invite viewers to visit your website and your Virtual Exhibit Booth during this presentation.

            To present a FREE LECTURE, you would need to become a Virtual Booth Exhibitor or Advertiser and provide us with a color 300 dpi jpeg head shot, 5 word title, 50 word description of the talk and a 35 word bio. This information is included in the online Program Guide published on the Expo website.

Again, to present a FREE LECTURE you must have purchased either a

Virtual Exhibit Booth or an Ad in the online Program Guide for each lecture.


If you have already purchased your booth and/or ad, please ENTER YOUR LECTURE INFO HERE




              These are ninety minute presentations which are presented throughout the weekend as determined by the Program Committee. All General Workshop and Keynote Workshop presenters are chosen based on various subjective criteria including topic, timeliness, balancing the entire program, etc. 

Please contact if you would like to submit your information to be considered for the Workshop program.